a very welcome invitation

An exciting development in UP Projects‘ trajectory occurred earlier this summer when I was up to my eyes in curating and producing the Floating Cinema project with Somewhere (Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie) and Studio Weave. The Floating Cinema is another story which can be discovered at www.floatingcinema.info through a very personal and generous photo blog by Nina and Karen – and one which I thoroughly recommend perusing…..but I digress. It was some time early 2011 around February, and I’d reached that unavoidable part of the project development when you can’t quite see how you are going to pull it all off, and feel somewhat overfaced and undervalued, when I received, quite out of the blue, an email from Amanda Wright, Creative Director of Splore,  inviting me to consider developing a new commission for a festival in 2012…..on a beach……in New Zealand!

Nine months on, and one Floating Cinema project, a touring  art programme for music festivals and a major commission with Serena Korda for the Wellcome Trust later; Project New Zealand is steaming ahead. The plan is to develop a new commission for Splore (Feb 2012), Auckland as part of my ongoing Portavilion programme of temporary pavilion structures (which includes the Floating Cinema), working with an artist/architect from Auckland to develop the structure and create a programme of activity to take place in and around it over the three days of the festival working with local artists, performers and community groups. I will also be working with Auckland based organisation Letting Space as a collaborator/mentor throughout the project development.

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