architects on board

We now have a group of architects and designers on board, working on the design for the Portavilion project at Splore. The team will be lead by Jerome Partington working with other young, local designers. Jerome works for a practice called Jasmax who have a particular focus on sustainability, and whose expertise I’m sure will be drawn upon although this project will be independent of the Jasmax practise. The proposal isn’t quite ready to share, and still needs some development, but interestingly another “air supported” structure may be added to the Portavilion series (following Raumlaborberlin’s Rosy the Ballerina in 2010). This time, the designers are experimenting with giant helium balloons to support a large canopy which will become the pavilion roof. A testing phase is underway to see how this can be developed. Our experience with the Raumlabor bubble does make me a little nervous regarding the practicalities of working with such a structure, in potentially high coastal winds……but I’ve been assured that the New Zealanders will do whatever it takes to make it work! I’m looking forward to the next skype update to see how the tests have gone.

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