update from LA

I’m now on my way to New Zealand, stopping off in LA en route to break the journey and pay a visit to a good friend who lives in Silver Lake. I’ve just received an update from Cut Collective who have been working through the more practical aspects of the design and also testing out painted elements. You can see what they’ve been up to at


Structural Orientation designAnd they’ve written the following about their approach to the pavilion design:

“Cut Collective see this installation as creating a community focal point for the festival-goers. By drawing upon the notion of reuse, refuse (ref-use), return, recycling and up-cycling, Cut Collective has collected and produced over 400 shipping pallets, boxes and signs. The collective have temporarily taken these essential items out of the consumption cycle and intend to reconfigure them in a new fashion far removed from their original purpose. This stems from idea that empty pallets represent an untold number of products and consumables (that are in one way or another destined for land-fill), and poses the question “What becomes of the vessels created to hold goods, once the products have reached their destination?”

Ultimately, Cut Collective hopes their Portavilion looks at what can be diverted from one purpose to another and how these principles can be applied to extend it’s provision as a public recreational space that enhances, surprises and questions all at the same time.”

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